G2E – Education and Entertainment Group


We are a multidisciplinary research group, inside the design course at Federal University of Santa Catarina – UFSC, working on entertainment projects related to the creative Industries /creative economy. We create and build products and services (games; animation; comics; Toys; Souvenirs; music; movies; and others).

Besides the products and services, our response, also, is to give back the society the built knowledge, through lessons, tutorials, workshops, discussion, lectures, and other stuff, in our site, events, congress, sponsors/partnerships, and others.

In our team, we have graduate and undergraduate students, from different areas: design, animation, design management, advertising, cinema, games, information systems, music, and others. We are organized in the areas: art & design; programming; game design; storytelling/screenwriting; and audio.

Though we were born in 2010, officially, since 2011, we’ve been working on two games: an educational, and a commercial. You can see them by clicking on the link projects “The Rotfather” (commercial Indie Game); and “Learning Languages” (educational).